Google new quality score

Looks like Google changes to the algorithms for calculating the Quality Score, used by the AdWords system to determine prices and positions of ads on their advertising platform will really help advertisers improve their campaigns performance.

Google says that the calculation of the Quality Score will be in real time based on queries made by users. Besides this will also be taken into account all other factors such as the historical clickthrough rate(CTR) on the ads with your account and the quality of landing page, although the latter factor is what will be considered less frequently.

Google also has replaced the concept of minimum bid for the ad with the estimated price to appear on the front page. What does this mean? Certainly for keywords that have few advertisers that change in pricing policy will not lead to great revolutions. For all those advertisers who want to appear on the front page for searches on a keyword particularly competitive on price will probably be higher than before.

Great news!

Youtube Click-to-Buy feature

At last YouTube will be introducing a new feature called Click-to-Buy it possible to buy music, films and books mentioned or presented in the video.It often happens that in the comments many users request information on the song that is the soundtrack to the movie, or what film is that scene is … etc … In this way, YouTube will offer the opportunity to meet these potential transactions generating curiosity.

Currently, YouTube has begun to include links to the songs on iTunes and contents of

These links will be progressively extended to the entire archive of music videos, even if this feature is active only for U.S. users. The goal however is to extend this opportunity also to other types of content and to broaden the audience at the international level.

Google Maps improves the results business

Google Maps has made a small but substantial changes to the pages of results. Now when you conduct a search for a business, in addition to the name and address appear even a thumbnail photo for a review. This makes it possible to have more data without having to click on each result.Anyone who wants to publish a schedule for the business on its maps can use the Google Local Business Center.

Search with My Location on Windows Mobile phones

Google has introduced a new feature for research in network made from mobile phones and Windows Mobile handholds. The service is called Search with My Location and allows you to search based on local area where it is currently the user instead of using the last place you entered.

Using Gears Geolocation API, Search with My Location can identify the coordinates (in approximate) of where the user is conducting the research, some ‘as was the case with Google maps for mobile.

In this way, just type what you want to search, without necessarily indicate any geographical reference. Typing “weather”, for example, you can get weather information in the area. If you want to obtain information relating to another city is sufficient to specify its name in the search string.

To protect the privacy of Google users would like to clarify that Search with My Location does not associate the current location to any information that would identify it. Currently this service is available only in the United States and the United Kingdom and to use Just visit with your Windows Mobile phone.

Google Maps great place to advertise

It will be the recession, the weak dollar, the crisis in the world economy, so much so that Google is pushing more and more on online advertising, specifically on revenues. So here’s sponsored links that sprout everywhere even on Google Maps.
Look above: try for example to seek Hotel Rome on Google Maps and you’ll notice under the geographical map of advertising links that advise companies and services, publishers who are affiliated with Google.

Where we will end up? Google will replace the “Web Clips” Mail Gmail only with advertising and sponsored links? Take for example when we do a search for Boston limousine

Google Maps great place to advertise

Social Media Network

If it comes to social network MySpace is the most popular with Facebook.

But MySpace has a use other than Facebook, a fact well known to people is very used MySpace to promote and be seen to be more clear is widely used by the band or actors who have the ability to upload their own songs. Many famous people are registered to MySpace and myriad band tries to look through it.
Once enrolled, you can customize your page using the generator or downloading Layout layout available on the web searching. You can upload as well as photos, music video. The customization does not have many limitations can upload videos from youtube, use player made available on the website or even outside.
As is clear MySpace has possibility of use different from rivals in the field of social network and certainly if you want to promote your group or occur is much more appropriate for others as Facebook, MySpace is not a case is the first social network in the United States .

How to make your website more indexable

In this article we will see few quick tips that can make a big difference on you website accessibility by search engines.

1. Background color of the body

body (background-color: # fff)

Always put a background color of the page to make sure that the page is readable even to those who have different color settings are not standard.

2. Link recognizable

a: link (
background: # fff;
color: # f00;
text-decoration: underline;
a: visited (
background: # fff;
color: # f77;
text-decoration: underline;
a: hover, a: active, to: focus (
background: # f00;
color: # fff;
text-decoration: none;

And ‘well that all links are “noted” you should highlight and distinguish the color of good links already visited by those not yet visited.

3. Font generic
It ‘always good use of our site, font, or writing, already installed on your PC, to give you an idea, the classic Times New Roman.

4. Texts with variable size
Do not ever give the texts in a pixel because it has high resolution must, for example, zoom, it is better to use the percentages!

5. CSS for printing
To print the contents are interested then good to see a readable font and remove the parts so as menu!

Gmail for new mobile phones

The Gmail for mobile 2.0 provides superior performance and features to receive push email on mobile phones

You are happy owners of a Gmail account? So now it is even easier and faster access from mobile phones to e-mail inbox. If you have not yet e-mail to the Google service, this could be an opportunity for dotarvi a reliable system of push email on mobile (including Java, not just smartphones).

And it’s free, because you only responsible to pay the data traffic generated on the cell line. The credit goes entirely to the new 2.0 version of Gmail for mobile clients, or small Java software that offers all the features of e-mail. In mobility: the application being installed on your mobile phone, is with your profile and is ready for use.

“We have renovated the architecture of the client to improve the functioning of the process in the background, in addition to refining the elements of the code that created bottlenecks and slowdowns,” says Derek Phillips, software engineer involved in the project Google Mobile.
Gmail for new mobile phones

And this explanation, appeared on the official blog search engine for this type of application is sufficiently clear about the new features of Gmail 2.0. In detail, was a work of profound improvement in the operation of the program, particularly for those with multiple accounts and configured for those who want to move without too many problems by mail to Google Apps.

And then a new collection of direct links and features has been dedicated to those who use Gmail 2.0 on a smartphone with a Qwerty keyboard. Plus, now the software can also operate in the background without too much resources. Even in off-line: Allows you to prepare messages, which will be sent automatically as soon as you reconnect to the network data.

Everything held together by revised menu and a custom, now with the support 35 different languages and the BlackBerry. To download Gmail for mobile 2.0 just go with your mobile browser at / mail and download the application. There is also a video that explains in English the new features is available by

Google Reporting Separate Metrics For Search Partners

Finally Google is offering adword advertisers the option to separate the search partner report data from Google content network. This is a very helpful way to separate the traffic data since up until now its has been very hard to see where conversions were coming from as data was blended in with Google search and partners altogether.

As you can see from the screengrab below it is really neat and helpful to see the results separate which makes if very easy to analyze.
Google Reporting Separate Metrics For Search Partners

Below are some of the google search partners :

Google Reporting Separate Metrics For Search Partners

Below are some of the google content network partners :

Google Reporting Separate Metrics For Search Partners

There are many sources that Google gets its traffic from but not many people may be fully aware of this information. However, this is a great visualization for separation of metrics.

Ethical SEO freelancer

Hiring a SEO freelancer for your search engine optimization needs online is a decision that has to be made carefully since there are numerous ones out there but not all of them are qualified to promote your website. Being in the SEM business I have seen a variety of freelancers that offer SEO services but most of them promise a whole lot but achieve a whole lot less than their initial promise. I have had clients come to me and try screen my SEO services because they had been burned by someone in India. Well, when you pay someone in India $5/hour for providing SEO services it is highly possible that “you will get what you paid for” so don’t do it. I am amazed how many B2B companies outsource their online marketing to some unknown SEO freelancer outside US which I think it isn’t a great idea unless they have a well established name. I believe that you should defintaly hire a freelancer or an independent consultant to help your company with your SEM needs but you have to be cautious who you choose to do business since the nature of the SEM business is still unknown to some. The SEO freelancer has to use ethical SEO techniques and follow best practices that include build a series of reciprocal links with sites related Issues in order to provide you with the opportunity to sail on without having to continually search engine.

But the privileges of a good SEO freelancer are also formed by gathering information from the web and the classification of all documents for the search engine optimization online, through various algorithms to determine the relevance of each document or website by Optimizing in the Search Engines.

To achieve a successful campaign for the Promotion Web sites online, SEO freelancer will involved in different activities and different players, for this reason the business of search engine rankings, takes a long time even after the first phase of optimization; Certainly we must constantly monitor the Search Engines, test results, and expand the campaign with the addition of new products. The Search Engine Optimization freelancer must possess the ability to observe various sites in perspective.

If you do not invest resources, time and not using the right people, SEO is almost certain that your site does not ever reach the expected results in the Search Engines. The activity of SEO freelancer is closely linked with the Marketing department and the sales. Please contact us to request a quote and learn how we can help.

SEO Consultant Benifits

The online marketing is the best way to achieve concrete results in sales. In years past it was thought that contacting as many people its commercial offers to be the winning move to get more sales. Contacting thousands of potential buyers will get the results but a high percentage of “contact” was completely disinterested and sent to the costs of marketing were truly exorbitant. Today with the web things have changed. Who goes on a search engine and writes “Boston Hotel is at 90% a possible score of who comes out first among the results. Who uses a search engine is trying the product or service that covers the same time it is strongly willing to buy it, which is why the online marketing and the figure of the SEO consultant has acquired a vital role for most companies. SEO advice may be the definitive solution for everyone marketing launches an online sale. Seo advice is to optimize your website to make it more “search engine friendly” and that your content is most visible on search engines. The figure of the SEO consultant has become vital to the success of companies working online but many still believe that it is a marginal aspect of ecommerce and / or providing services online. My client, a company that provided services to old-style marketing, believed that online marketing serves a little, so I decided to give the SEO consulting service at prices reduced by limiting really, of course, my speech to small optimizations website. After three months the company was placed first on Google for about 80 keywords and records to the web site had increased by 400%. At that point he has cut costs that investing in traditional marketing methods of investing solely in a consulting firm seo and re-evaluating the role of SEO consultant.

If you feel that your company can derive economic benefits from an advisory seo serious contact me here, I will be happy to provide free analysis of your web site and the area where you work, success and the results I assure them a priori, up to now I and my staff have never failed a goal. You will always have a seo consultant to ask questions and receive suggestions and recommendations apply equally to reach the success we had hoped.

An SEO can be the solution to enforce your trademark or service online.

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