PPC Campaign Keyword Strategy

A successful PPC campaign plan should always start with a detailed laid out conversion plan in mind. Sometimes it’s not just about the landing page, ads, position or quality score but the number of keywords. At times only 5% of your total keywords bring in the 90% of the conversion so it is crucial to identify what these profitable keywords are and how to use them in your PPC campaign. I have had numerous PPC campaigns that have fallen in this category which especially the B2B industry. Competing in the B2B area is very difficult these days as most of the companies have large advertising budgets to spend on Pay Per Click ads as a result keywords become very competitive. Why do they become so competitive? Because, everyone wants to come up number one for that specific keyword for example: SOA, SaaS etc… so Google sees these keywords as very competitive and raises the cost per click. Now you are left with a bunch of keywords that cost has gone through the roof but at the same time these keywords are your core business terms and you need to be there in order to generate leads from your PPC campaign. PPC is a like a fire (it can either keep you warm or burn you) so it is very important to spend your online marketing budget on a keywords that are worthwhile and have a great return on investment. First develop a keyword strategy by identifying what keywords are the most important ones for your business and go after them.

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