Simple But Yet Effective Website

What makes the great difference when someone finds your website and what converts visitors into sales ?
Some say thats the million dollar question but I say its really up to you to make it happen. Most websites these days are getting too heavy with unnecessary distractions and look crowded which dismisses the ultimate goal which is to make the sale. Most people look at website designers as advisors especially when it comes to making recommendations in web usability and its crucial for a web designer to offer strategic advice that will help the business owner profit from the website in many ways. Most of the time I get new clients asking me: “we have done all we could but we are not getting the results we want” even after conducting SEO and PPC. So whats the problem here? Well my first reaction is: where do they land after they click on your website? and then I see a great looking website but missing the main sale aspect. Interactivity, calls to action which are the most crucial parts of making the website sell. It dosnt matter how beautiful your graphics are, if you are not capturing the leads by engaging the user to do something …that person is long gone within seconds. Believe it or not this happens all the time as most designer tend to forget who they are designing the website for but sometimes its also the small business owners who like to add unnecessary features that drive people away. You have to think in terms of end user experience, how easy is it for them to find the info and how can you make it even easier for them. My main recommendation is to keep it simple and only add features that you really need, make sure you have call to action somewhere above the fold.

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