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7 Essential Elements to an Awesome Library Website

This presentation is really wonderful and David does fantastic job on describing key concepts on designing a successful library website. David describes the 7 essential elements to a library website design, and they aren’t what you think! Leave with ideas to improve your library’s website!

Public Library Website Guidelines

Websites are the electronic front door to your library; as such they deserve the same planning and care that your library receives. Websites are a form of marketing and a way of reaching otherwise unserved customers. A library website can be a vital information resource for your community; capitalize on the opportunity. Bear in mind […]

Website Design Resources For Public Libraries

Web Design Guidelines & Ideas Best Practices in School Library Website Design – This is a discussion of issues which you should consider when planning your website or blog. Five Things That Every School Library Web Site Should Have. – From the Adventures of Library Girl Blog. Web Design that won’t get you in Trouble […]

Best Practices for Public Library Website Design

You are a librarian, not a web developer, but you can have a library website that fulfills the needs of patrons and library staff. If you keep it things simple and don’t take on more than you can administer, and concentrate on what you know and do well it will be a piece of cake. […]

Employing ecommerce strategy

Employing a online strategy to sell directly to consumers and to compete directly with traditional wholesalers and retailers. Software developers have used the internet as a highly effective distribution channel to complement sales through wholesalers and retailers. Selling online directly to end users has the advantage of cutting out the costs and margins of software […]