Landing Page Strategy for SaaS (Software as a service) – PPC

The main focus of a B2B company when optimizing a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign should be the Landing page message and design to capture leads in very few easy steps. Let’s take for example SaaS (Software as a service) industries which mostly lead generation oriented as well as very expensive in terms of buying the service. One of the top priorities for a SaaS B2B company should be the custom landing page development to better integrate the user with the service offerings. Creating the right landing page can be very critical to your PPC campaign as it conveys your service value proposition directly to the user who has two choices “fill out the lead capture form” or simply “leave the page”. The average user spends at most 12 seconds on a landing page after they click on the AdWords ads to further their interest in the service offered by the SaaS company.

What are some PPC Landing Page recommendations for a SaaS company?

• Define the SaaS goal of that specific landing page ( Demo, White-paper, Podcasts, expert)
• Use SaaS visuals to help user see what the service/product is like after they purchased it
• Have a lead capture form with no more than five info fields
• Get to the point quickly without cluttering the page with unnecessary SaaS information
• List SaaS key benefits by outlining the core components
• If using a toll free number on the landing page make sure you track those calls
• Use headlines that show what the SaaS service/product is all about

One way of looking at the PPC landing page is just like the “elevator pitch” analogy.
Now you also have to keep in mind that the user searching for SasS may not necessarily be the decision maker therefore you have to also accommodate the language so that the average user can understand what the service is about.

Here are few possible user profiles that maybe searching for your services:

Uninformative users:

  • Administrative stuff
  • Interns
  • Account Coordinators

Informative users:

  • CEOs
  • IT managers
  • CTOs
  • Senior Executives

It is essential to understand who your online audience is prior to launching the landing page and designing it for higher conversion rates.

Below is a generic benefit statement that I pulled out of Wikipedia;

“Using SaaS can also conceivably reduce the up-front expense of software purchases, through less costly, on-demand pricing from hosting service providers.”
This is a great example for a PPC landing page headline that conveys a very powerful message to the user by indicating that “reduces the up-front expense of software purchases” with “on-demand pricing”.This headline captures anyone’s attention as it conveys cost benefits as well as a fast timely manner service.

Having worked with a variety of B2B SaaS companies I have come up with a landing page formula that not only alters lead generation volume but also increases user engagement.

B2B PPC Strategic Planning – Marketing PPC Campaign

B2B PPC Marketing companies often find themselves so distant with the hard work of running PPC marketing campaigns, supervising agencies and sales force, and attending to the day-to-day activities that they lose sight of the Pay Per Click campaign goal. However, it is vital every occasionally to step back, get a little perspective, and appoint in some tactical strategic PPC marketing plans.

The wide range of PPC strategic planning includes:

  • Evaluate every single one the products or services benefit offer
  • Reevaluate all the major target markets
  • SWOT equally external and internal offer variables
  • Perform deep dive at your current PPC campaign for any unprofitable campaigns

PPC strategic planning looks ahead of the instant status, in the process illuminating where you want to go in the future with your online marketing objectives. This strategic pay per click outlook can be contrasted to the planned level that looks at PPC metrics performance of detailed services/products or online target markets over a shorter time and equipped planning which spotlights on the fundamentals of getting the ROI. Going after a boarder PPC goal is a rather oversimplified but optimistically functional outline of the PPC strategic planning process.

B2B PPC Strategic Planning - Marketing PPC Campaign

Service-oriented architecture (SOA) – Pay Per Click Strategy

Recently we had a question from a user who was interested to learn how to optimize their current pay per click campaign. The service they offer is quite complex which consisted on Service-oriented architecture (SOA). The company’s challenge was the budget and bidding strategy approach. First thing you have to know is that Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) obviously falls on the B2B PPC category, so the budget and PPC bidding strategy needs a thorough approach. So, our first suggestion was to “Day-part” as we have mentioned many times before, so you are limiting your budget to days that users are specifically looking for you. Secondly, we recommended to bid only on the keywords that are highly relevant to their service which in this case is Service-oriented architecture (SOA). Of course there is more to it but that’s the surface of that. Once we made these changes we did a benchmark study to measure the success of our B2B bid and budget management strategy. The results were quite astonishing as the lead volume increased by 67% in a matter of three weeks and the lead quality was up by 47%. As we had presumed the action plan worked like a charm despite their challenge. It is very interesting to see how few little tweaks can make a big difference in a Pay Per Click campaigns success. However, we did a lot of research on the subject of Service-oriented architecture (SOA) to learn more about their business and market segments prior to suggesting the strategy as it is a very complex industry.

Service-oriented architecture (SOA),pay per click marketing

B2B PPC Campaign Budget – Yahoo Vs Google

Most B2B companies when are about to launch a PPC campaign tend to be confused or rather puzzled where to spend most or their budget Yahoo or Google. Let me explain the differences between these two search engines in terms of B2B spending. Yahoo is a very B2C consumer based search engine and most of the people using Yahoo are usually looking for products that can buy directly from the website. Yahoo is great for day to day product such e-commerce online stores or websites that sell affordable products to the average consumer. So in other words yahoo is not known to have high conversion rates when it comes to B2B companies. Google on the other hand is more focused on hi-tech industries and B2B services. It is more lead generation based search engine than Yahoo where consumers are more educated about the web searches than Yahoo moms&pops users. So if your company falls into the B2B category my suggestion would be to start thinking about dropping more funds onto Google Adwords than Yahoo search marketing. Speaking from experience I have seen conversion rates 80% higher in Google when it comes to B2B software companies. However, it may vary for some B2B companies as the products and services are not the same so do not go right ahead and start pouring all of your fund into Google. Do your research and see what your competitors are doing, whether they are in yahoo at all and if they are what type of keywords are they bidding on in one engine vs the other. Well this if all for now as you know you will have to contact me for more info.

Day-Parting PPC Strategy – B2B (SaaS)

Day-parting is a crucial part of you PPC campaign as it controls your spending levels throughout the day and week. For most B2B companies it is a must to implement a day-parting strategy as it will help the daily budget get spread out evenly and get the most of the PPC campaign. So how do you go about finding the best day-parting ? Start by putting yourself in your clients or customers shoes and think about the times they might be searching for your product or service. One example would be for Software as Service (SaaS) companies whose major target markets are other small or large business. For maximum results I would go ahead and day-parting only five days a week (Mon-Fri) during office hours from 9AM-8PM. So you may ask why this? Well think about it if you were a business to business senior decision maker; what times of the day would you be searching for a Software as Service (SaaS)?

This is just a surface of day-parting and there is a lot more to it than what is just described above. Feel free to contact me for more info on this article.

Advertising on Google Adwords ROI

Google Adwords is without doubt one of the most effective marketing instruments which in recent years has revolutionized the way we do online marketing and this has made Google the most important and rich search engine in the world.

What is the secret of Google Adwords? Why it works so well?

The reason is very simple: it is the meeting point par excellence of supply and demand of any product / service in the world. And ‘therefore can offer its product to those who, at the same time where it is seeking, it is actually interested! Payment of advertising is done for each contact procured (for each click the ad – CPC).

When advertising on Google Adwords is useless?

When websites are created without a clear objective of converting visitors (potential customers) into buyers , well there is no point of having that website in the first place. So, even optimizing the best advertising investment, obtain a large number visits with no real return (ROI).

What should we do to get a good return on my advertising investment?

Basically you have 2 clear objectives:

  1. Maximizing the investment in advertising adwords using the best techniques and strategies.
  2. Achieving a single site or landing page that they are able to attract visitors (procured via adwords) to take the action you want (purchase, subscription newsletter, survey.

Pay Per Click Offer Value

It happens almost every day that I contacted by clients that identify Pay Per Click or Internet Marketing (and who is dealing) with the gain-line.

A friend of mine asked me to give him a hand for a PPC project and told me she was contacted by several “web marketers” whose proposals were not ever make money over the end in itself and I asked if it was the same for me. I am disgusted.

Here, precisely on this point I’d like to clear up by false interpretation of Pay Per Click once and for all.

The objective of Pay Per Click is Offer Value to your customers.

The money came as a natural consequence of value. NOT gain exists online and offline worthless!

Precisely that it is absolutely legitimate to seek to gain by using the internet and then look for tools and strategies to do so but before doing so you must ask a fundamental question:

Question right, I thing I have to offer? What is the value of my offer? What I have to DARE?

Wrong Question: How do I earn?

Why the first question is correct? It ‘simple … I answer with another question:

For what reason should someone pay if they do not receive in return something of equal value? You do?

The examples of successful online are examples of those who have been able to offer real value and certainly not speaking of famous chains!

So those who have nothing to offer can not expect to win. The first tool that you must obtain in order to do business online is a range of value something that represents real value for someone. The promises have little effect when customers realize that what you sell is worth much less than we have been persuaded to believe.

In concluding that the specific Pay Per Click is not just pure business, but goes far beyond. For example, the Pay Per Click tool used by associations, non-profit, humanitarian organizations, research organizations to do good and increase their awareness.

Pay Per Click Freelance Service – Boston PPC

Why Use Pay Per Click Freelance Service?

Benefits of using a Pay Per Click Freelance agent over employing your own staff:

When you consider the following factors:

  1. Affordability – Why hire a big agency that will charge you thousands of dollars for the same job that a PPC freelancer will do at a very lower rate. Also, big agencies charge you a percentage or you budget so whenever you want to increase your budget their fee will go up as well. Why be penalized for wanting to spend more.
  2. Not Full time – A Pay Per Click freelancer is not a full-time employ so all the combined costs with overheads like annual and sick leave, superannuation, work cover insurances. With the current market, the ability to switch jobs is relatively easy, so this expense at the beginning is a repetitive ongoing cost.
  3. Great Flexibility – These days, it seems that no one really cares enough to be reliable in their job. A pay per click freelancer can get the work done faster and be flexible at the same time, since the work can be done throughout the day from 6AM to 12PM instead of the 9 – 5 office hours.
  4. Experience – Given the market today, it is very difficult to find someone who has the necessary PPC experience to provide your company with the best results.
  5. Leave – What happens when someone calls in sick or is on annual leave? It can burden heavily onto your business and other staff.
  6. No Contract Fees – If you hire a PPC agency to have relief staff or assistance, the costs can be significant. They get a big hourly rate, and you pay a significant amount more per hour plus any fees for them to be there.

To sum it up if you go with a PPC freelancer then all these issues turn into benefits for you:

  • Affordability – Pay only for hours worked without the extra overheads. Instead of paying payroll taxes, contracting out can be a tax deductible expense!
  • Reliability – Always on call, hours to fit your business needs.
  • Experience – Most PPC freelancers have worked in either a SEM agency or in-house company running their PPC campaigns so it will be the same as you hired that agency but at a lower price.
  • Leave – There is no need to worry about this with freelance agents.
  • Contract Fees – There are none, in fact if you need to have a staff member to cover at your site you will find reasonable, fee free rates.

Hiring a Pay Per Click freelancer to run your PPC campaign is a win-win situation for both the business and the cost benefits.

Contact Us for more info or email at

Pay Per Click Consultant – Paid Search Freelancer

I offer Pay Per Click freelancing services to busy and growing companies or small business in need of a PPC freelancer. I understand the need business have these days for a PPC freelancer who do not have the time or the funds to hire an agency or in house PPC person.

PPC freelancer responsibilities include but not limited to:

  • Reporting, analysis and optimization of online marketing campaigns based against margin targets
  • Conducting A/B and multivariate testing, and analyzing results to improve margins
  • Create & monitor QA creative’s, code query strings and manage creative inventory to send to vendors
  • Create, monitor and grow multiple PPC campaigns across multiple PPC properties
  • Aggregate and analyze search campaign data,
  • Create reports on campaign performance (keyword, ad text, placement, etc.)
  • Monitor, track, and report on paid search metrics, including trend analysis,
  • Recommend optimization, creative adjustments and bidding changes,
  • Conduct competitive analysis and keyword research.
  • Track and analyze consumer site behavior through market analysis, competitive analysis and site analytics
  • Keyword discovery and expansion
  • Review top keywords ranking by category
  • Research and analyze competitor advertising and natural links
  • Track and analyze consumer site behavior through market analysis, competitive analysis and site analytics
  • Search engine and display advertising
  • Data mining/predicative modeling techniques
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Ability to research, plan and traffic online ad campaigns and report on their results
  • Experience working with Adwords, Adcenter, Y!SM
  • MS Office proficient with superior MS Excel skills
  • Knowledge of html, graphics, Web analytics
  • Knowledge of statistics tools
  • Solid quantitative, analytical skills and high attention to detail
  • Experience working in an entrepreneurial/ startup environment
  • Critical thinking
  • Ability to analyze data to determine key findings and identify next steps
  • Strong project management skills
  • High standard of work ethics
  • Reliable, trustworthy and task oriented
  • Ability to thrive in a deadline driven environment

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