New! Google Analytics Premium Service

Google has introduced a newly improved analytics tool which is an extension their current Google Analytics.
Premium features include:
  • Extra processing power – increased data collection, more custom variables and downloadable, unsampled reports
  • Advanced analysis – attribution modeling tools that allow you to test different models for assigning credit to conversions
  • Service and support – experts to guide customized installation, and dedicated account management on call – all backed by 24/7 support
  • Guarantees – service level agreements for data collection, processing and reporting

Google Analytics Premium Introduction Video


Annual plan comes at $150,000, according to Forrester analyst Joseph Stanhope.

“Is the transformation complete? It is not; at this early stage GA Premium is not a substitute for an established enterprise implementation in many cases,” Stanhope wrote in a blog post. “But it’s a huge step forward for a solid offering, and Google will continue to aggressively iterate the product to close the remaining gaps over time.”

This new premium service looks like its a great tool for large companies who are looking to expand their analytics knowledge with more than just clicks or page views but with real time data and in depth site analytics.

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Working For You and Your Customer

As a designer you must balance the needs of your employer with the needs of the intended users of the design. These are often the employer’s customers. If the design doesn’t meet the needs or desires of the end user, rather than just the commissioner of the work, then sales will be compromised.

In addition designers must reconcile their own standards of aesthetics, quality and ethics with the requirements of the intended commercial purpose of their work. Both designer and client should also consider community values and constraints.

How do people purchase online ?

Online users go through a decision-making process that guides them in their purchases. This process takes into account both internal and external influences of the consumer.

So if you are selling shoes online there are two simple steps they take to make a decision: 
1. They ask their friends by sending them a link
2. They just buy them based on impulse

However, it is important to note that online people cant touch the product so its harder to get influenced when you are not trying them on.

Strategic Website Marketing Plan

A website marketing plan must accomplish several objectives
1. Specify the group of online customers to which your business intends to market its products.
2. Key attributes of this group should be determined.
3. State what marketing policies such as pricing and advertising the business will pursue.

Five-step Method to Define Major Market Segments for a Product

  1. List all important needs that consumers may have for product
  2. Taste, price, nutrition, ease of use
  3. Pick out important needs that differentiate one group from another
  4. Needs that determine the major market segments
  5. Needs common to all or are not useful

5 Tips to Speed Up Your Website

Studies show that people will abandon your website if it does not load in at least 4 seconds. Yes, now days online users are very impatient and will move one fairly quickly to another site.

Speed in my opinion is the second most important aspect after search engine optimization which gets people to your site. Lets say you have optimized you site very well and and you are getting quite a bit of traffic but once people get there and wait its of no use.

So here hare some useful tips to boost your website speed:

  1. Get a dedicated server with at least 1GB of RAM
  2. Enable MySQL query cache for website with lots of queries
  3. Serve images, JavaScripts, CSS files form a cookieless domain or CDN
  4. Use less code in your pages and dont clutter it with unnecessary applicatons you dont need. Simple
  5. Scale images so the browser does not have to do it and determine the size. Less steps for the browser the better it is for you. 

There are plenty other speed factors but these are some good ones to get you started. If you need any help please feel free to contact us.

WordPress SEO Features

WordPress is one of the greatest open source (FREE) content management system out there not only for its easy to use functionality but also for added SEO features. WordPress is well known for the practical use of plugins and management. WordPress gives anyone the ability to turn the blog into a very powerful and dynamic site from eCommerce to company intranets.
Feature 1
Many plug-ins offer the user to enter custom Title, Description, Keyword tags for all the posts and pages which makes easier to optimize it for search engines.
Feature 2
Custom ULRs – great control over the URL structure so you can enter desired keywords.
Feature 3
Xml-Rpc Ping Tool – Great for communication with other sites
Feature 3
Link structure – WordPress’s links are so well laid out that it makes interlinking automated. For example sidebar widget links like: recent posts, categories, cloud tags are perfect to link your posts throughout the site.