Turn Your WordPress Website Mobile

Turn Your WordPress Website MobileYes its time to take mobile industry seriously as its growing at a fast pace. If you have a Wordpress blog or website and you user it for your business its probably a good time to make sure its mobile friendly. More people are searching with their smartphones for products and services before they make a decision so its crucial to offer them a friendly mobile website for easier browsing.

WordPress is such a flexible framework that molding a desktop site into mobile one should be your next  step into growing your business.

So how does WordPress mobile website work? 
The most common question we get is: do I need to create a separate Wordpress site for mobile ? The answer is no. Everything stays the same with exception of some minor features that are probably not needed anyway for desktop users. What we normally do is get your current desktop website content and when a user is viewing it from a mobile phone it will switch to a mobile friendly version. Basically you go about your business and dont have to change a thing. We handle all the back-end hard coded stuff.

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WordPress Ecommerce Tip #2

Change wording in your shopping cart.
Most all of the “text” on the site that involves the shopping cart can be found in the language file here:
“wp-content/plugins/wp-shopping-cart/languages/EN_en.php”. In that file you will find everything from “Visit the Shop” to “PnP” (which most like to change to “Shipping”) to the sentence that reads on the checkout page about “having your credit card handy”. You can change these phrases to whatever you’d like, but just remember that when editing this text that you leave the quotes in place, otherwise your site will break!
So here’s an example…I want to remove the words “Visit the Shop” from my sidebar shopping cart. So I locate the line in the language file (it’s on line 174):

define('TXT_WPSC_VISITTHESHOP', 'Visit the Shop');

I would then change it to this:


And you notice that I left in the quotes, but removed the text. That’s it for changing or removing text.

WordPress Ecommerce Tip #1

Change the “add to cart” button that appears on your shopping cart.
Well, first you’ll want to make sure that you choose “ecommerce” for your theme in “Shop Settings”. That will place an actual button on your cart.
Then to change that image, you will navigate to “wp-content/plugins/wp-shopping-cart/themes/ecommerce/images”. In that directory you will see a “add_to_cart.gif” and you will replace that with whatever “add to cart” button you’d like. Step 2 of this process is to adjust the stylesheet so that it will reflect the correct image size of the new image you’ve uploaded (unless of course, the new image is the same size as the old; then you can stop here).

Locate “ecommerce.css” and find the following code:

background-image: url(images/add_to_card.gif);
border: none;
width: 80px;
height: 30px;

You will then change the width and height to reflect the size of your new image. Save and upload and you’re all done

Grow your small business with ecommerce

Grow your small business with ecommerce

Growing your small business is vital. And one way to do it is selling your goods and services online with ecommerce. Many small businesses are turning to ecommerce as it has become too big to ignore. Now more than ever people are shopping online whether its at their desk or with their smarphones everyone is online.

So how do you get started with ecommerce ?

  • First if you already have a business and are looking to extend it online, then the best thing to do is hire someone to develop your shop from scratch. 
  • Or if you already have an existing website all you have to do is add an ecommerce section.

Having an ecommerce website is like having an additional business on top of your current one.

Key benefits of ecommerce business: 

  • Additional revenue
  • Open 24-hours a day
  • No overhead cost
  • People can see what you are all about
  • Free marketing
  • Ability to engage with customers
  • New customers via the web
  • Product catalog
  • Keep customers informed about new services
  • National reach – sell anywhere you wish, even international
  • Brand awareness

Do you need SSL “SSL Certificate” for your online store?

Do you need SSL "SSL Certificate" for your online store?

Ecommerce is a very complex business and every business owner needs to know at least the very basics of ecommerce website design in order to fully understand the complexity. So lets say you have your ecommerce website ready to launch and your web developer tells you to get a SSL Certificate.

Do you really need it? The answer depends whether you will be processing credit card payments on your website or a third party website. Lets look at both scenarios.

Accept payments on your site: This requires you to encrypt all the transactions so that all the data that gets transferred is being securely transmitted. In this case you must get a SSL certificate since you are liable for processing these payments.

Process payments on a third party website: This option will send your customers on another website e.g PayPal.com and after the payment is fully processed they will be re-directed back to your website. In this case you do not need to buy an SSL certificate since you are not liable for encrypting this transactions. All you are doing is sending the user to the merchant who processes credit cards securely.

So where you need an SSL certificate or not it depends on what kind of ecommerce system you end up using.