Restaurants Website – Create One For Profits

Many restaurant owners around the Boston area wonder around how useful a website is these days and how can they make full use of it. The main benefit of getting a website is a no brainer – showing people your restaurant menu with prices. I cant remember how many times I look for a restaurant online and all I find is other aggregate website portals that have their menus and info but not their menu.

It is important to for any restaurant or cafe owner to have a little bit of a web presence so when customers look for your restaurant you can provide them that much. All you need to have is three pages – 1. About Your Restaurant 2. Menus 3. Contact Information

That’s all to get started and you will defiantly notice a difference in phone reservations. It’s also very easy to measure success as well.

Here is a simple website that I think any restaurant should at least have.

Restaurants Website - Create One For Profits

New Hotmail Look – Outlook Reading Pane

I haven’t really been of big fan of hotmail but in the past two years microsoft has revamped its functionality a lot by tweaking/improving its current features and making them a lot easier to use. The new update that I am very happy about is the reading pane. That does it for me as it mirrors the outlook look and feel which I think is very useful since you don’t have to keep digging and hit the back button everytime you want to read the next email. Also, hotmail has improved its load time as well the attachment feature which is ten times better what they used to have in the past. I gotta give it to microsoft for continuing to improve its free services. Will this new look keep people from going to gmail , who knows?