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Great online marketing starts with an end output in mind – what is your ultimate marketing goal …generate leads, customer acquisition, additional orders, more sign-ups. Whatever the case maybe the solution is out there for your business the only question is… how do I get there? The simple answer would be spend more money on TV or Radio Advertising …NO the answer is ONLINE MARKETING through the one proved online mediums such as Google Ad words, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media – to this day these services have been known to have somehow the highest and most measurable metrics of success.

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Online marketing focuses on supporting organizations through the web technology change process, no matter what state the website is in, delivering real value in firstly getting the online marketing basics right and secondly developing appropriate search marketing shared service or outsourcing strategies, as well as how to manage these initiatives.

Online marketing will help you deliver a robust and quality of traffic to your website , that will add value to your organization. Our goal is to save you time and money without compromising on outcomes or project governance. Utilizing the web as our delivery channel allows us to manage our costs effectively and focus on research, providing our clients excellent value for money.

SEO Consultants – Boston Professional SEO Consultant

To deliver successful online marketing most of the projects take planning, access to methodologies and tools, leadership, project management, communication and perseverance. The easy option is hiring an SEO consultant to manage all these projects rather than hire large SEM firms. This approach involves selecting the appropriate SEO consultant, ensuring they understand your industry, have the relevant knowledge and experience, and then negotiating fees and scope. In many cases the intellectual property and experience from the project is retained by the SEO consultants and the key outcome is a lengthy report.

Competent consultants ensure their projects deliver outcomes and results to the organization. To do this however requires the combination of internal resources, a business case, easy-to-use proven methodologies, SEO expert guidance, relevant online tools and access to website root and shared service experience. In addition, today’s business environment demands project accountability and governance.

Cruises Marketing – Cruise Marketing Plan & Strategy

Cruise marketing is what often cruise owners ask themselves at some point in their business life cycle. Lets face it marketing for cruises must be somehow expensive as it is a luxury commodity and advertising has to look expensive. However, looking expensive it is costly because you will have to hire models, actors, celebrities etc….to represent your cruise brand since that’s what people like to see. Back in the day the only way cruises market their business was through TV advertising, direct mail, post cards, brochures, catalogs and many other ineffective and overpriced forms of advertising that were un-measurable in terms of metrics. For example, it a cruise owner launched a TV ad, direct mail campaign targeting a specific audience in Boston, MA they would run the TV ads on local New England channels so people around the area will eventually see the TV ad and book the cruise by calling. Now here comes the importance of measuring your marketing metrics: how many people saw the TV ad, how many people open the direct mail envelope, what percentage of this audience actually did actually spend over 10 seconds to glance at the cruise commercial or direct mail offer? Well, you will never know that will you? Old cruise marketing strategies have the “ throw it at the wall and see if it sticks” kind of approach. However, these days that approach may cost you a fortune, as the competition is smarter and faster to adapt to new cruise marketing plans and strategies. Old marketing techniques are great for brand building but at what cost you may ask? If I am spending so much to just a build the brand while my competitor is taking all the customers online because they have taken advantage of new Internet marketing strategies.

Online marketing is the new way to go for cruise business owners and any other cruise business that does not want to break-even but actually increase lead and make a good profit. The great thing about cruise online marketing is that you are already targeting your core audience, the people are actively searching for your service and what a better way speak to them back by getting your website in front of them.

Lets do a search for Boston Cruises:

Cruises Marketing - Cruise Marketing Plan & Strategy

Take a close look at the map listings and the listings below the map. We can clearly see that Boston Harbor Cruises is the main key player here and is dominating the online space for Boston cruises. Now what that makes the visitors life easier so they don’t have to dig too many pages to find what they are looking for. That’s what the great benefit of online marketing for cruises because the selling point, value proposition can be tailored to meet visitors demand. Having said that I think having a great cruise marketing strategy to penetrate the online space is a must for a cruise business owner, as cruise line marketing it going to get even more competitive as more people discover the value of online marketing.
Cruises Marketing - Cruise Marketing Plan & Strategy

Having customers find your website book online and talk about your brand is the best customer acquisition strategy that can help any cruise ship company.

Law Firm Marketing – Who is your Audience ?

The Audience Benefits Always Comes First

Online marketing is all about customer needs and target audience benefits. It does not matter what are you offering – it is what the client wants that is the most important aspect to focus your efforts. In most cases all of your Online marketing should be directed to answering the clients question ‘What’s in it for me?’ You must choose between features and client benefits.

Law Firm Marketing - Who is your Audience ?

Law Firm Marketing – Who is your Competition ?

You have to know your competition, its strengths and weaknesses, its strategies, what your customers/clients want and who they are, any gaps in the market – your market niche. And not to be lost in all this is the reason for running a business profit not turn-over.

Law Firm Marketing - Who is your Competition ?

Law Firm Internet Marketing Plan | Boston

law firm marketing, lawyer internet marketing,lawyer advertising

Law firms across United States are struggling with the execution of effective online marketing strategies. Despite the fact that if you are a marketing aware law firm and you know what to do to efficiently to generate leads for your practice, you may have little time or in-house expertise to put into practice your ideas.

This is why hiring a online marketing consultant for your law firm marketing is a great investment that will help your law firm the following:

  • Create and develop strategic online marketing action plan
  • Generate new online marketing strategies to meet business objectives
  • Take a close look at your branding initiatives and online market positioning
  • Tackle new brand awareness strategies to your target audience
  • Expand marketing mediums to support your current on-line/off-line marketing activities
  • Proficiency in implementing your tactical marketing actions plans
  • Reporting & ongoing monitoring and measurement of your online marketing metrics

So what have I done with past clients you may ask ? Successfully increased the number of leads and decreased the cost per lead. The great thing about online marketing is that everything is measurable to the penny, so if you think that one strategy is not working or is not very cost effective….it can stop immediately laving extra advertising budget in you pocket. Online marketing is about testing and retesting strategies until you find the correct formula and keep doing whats profitable.

If your law firm needs help with any of these areas, you can email me at I am a Boston online marketing consultant and specialist with a proven track of record that can offer you support to effectively marketing your law firm.

Law Firm – Lawyer Lead Generation Strategies

How to market you law firm? This is a question often large law firms or individual lawyer ask themselves how do we get our business to the next level. How do we get more leads? Majority of lawyers and law firms relay heavily on other web portals to advertise their website such as,,, etc. However, the days have changed and now lawyers can advertise their website easily without having to rely on other web portals simply by using online marketing mediums such as Pay Per Click Marketing, Search Engine Optimization(SEO) , Social Media, Email Marketing and more. This is the era that any business can take their marketing to another level and become profitable by generating additional leads. So how do you go about starting out your online marketing campaign for you law firm business? Before you decide to invest in online marketing it is very important to do some research on your own and learn about SEO, PPC and overall web marketing. Therefore when you hire someone to manage it you will be educated and ready to make quick decisions that will not cost you. Note that as great as online marketing is, be careful as there are many scam artists out there who will promise you the world and high rankings in a short period of time at very affordable prices. Whenever you see that…RUN as it is the most common scam from people who are not qualified to perform online marketing tasks an your website.

The best thing to do is hire a local online marketing consultant or freelancer since consultants usually tend to charge a lot less than large online marketing agencies. Also, not that you do not need to be locked in a contract which many large advertising agencies do so they can have a incoming revenue. You do not need to be in a two year contract for a SEO project that’s ridiculous unless your website has a large number of pages and needs to be optimized weekly. Most large advertising agencies tend to sell you on monthly & weekly reports and ongoing consulting so they have something to keep charging you every month. You can run your own reports and avoid paying agencies crazy monthly fees.

If a law firm is looking to generate new leads through their website I would highly suggest start reading about online marketing strategies especially SEO, PPC and social media (facebook, twitter). Lead generation for law firms its going to get very competitive as more and more lawyers are starting to get into the online marketing so the faster you start the better your chances are to rank up higher in search engines. Google rewards websites that have been around for a while.

If you are interested learning more about online marketing and how we can help please email me at

The Goal – Objective – Working Order

If you want to go somewhere in a car – you need:

• A goal (destination)
• A car that is in perfect working order (the result of studies and research).
• The driver license (the result of study and a theory test / practice).
• An updated road map (the result of studies and research, and graphics)
• Information on road conditions (the result of data collected and analyzed and retransmitted)
• In a travel plan (result of the data, desires, etc.).
• Time

Similarly, to think that a website is just a set of electronic pages composed of graphics, photos and text and viewable on any computer with a browser, it’s like to think that to go to a place you just an engine and four wheels.

In fact, the Web site is the result of a project aimed at Online Marketing in Internet penetration.

The term Online Marketing means the set of strategies, activities and techniques that use the Internet as a medium for collecting and analyzing information aimed to optimize marketing plans, identifying and meeting the needs of consumers in when they arise and creating a relationship with him long term, going in search of efficiency for the integrated management of sales, communication, advertising, promotion, services, and customer care.

The Internet is not a strategy, but it serves the business strategy of your company, all within your company is to understand, approve and then join.

The whole model of your enterprise should be reviewed and evolve because of the Internet, so we need a complete knowledge of the medium, its specificity and its limitations.

Finding a partner is the key to success in the context of multifunctional

SEO Waltham Mass – For Real Estate Agency

Creating a search engine optimization plan four your small business in Waltham, MA is defiantly the right step toward your online marketing success. Whether you are a real estate agency, law firm, accountant running a website and your target audience is in Waltham, Belmont, Watertown, Lexington etc… the chances are that people are searching for your services continuously. However, your website may not be showing up in front of them when they type into the search box. For example if someone was looking for a “ real estate agency in Waltham MA” – take a look at the results below:
Only several real estate related websites show up and it may well be your competitor taking your leads way from you by simply having their website optimized correctly. Nowadays it’s crucial to have online presence in search engines especially if you are a local Waltham, MA business serving your local clients whether they are prospective sellers, tenants or buyers. Optimizing your Waltham real estate website will defiantly increase lead generation. The SEO process for a local business owner is pretty straight forward but following the best practices and making sure everything on your website is done correctly is vital. I have optimized local and statewide real estate agency websites throughout Massachusetts. Doing SEO for a local real estate business has helped me gain a better understanding of the importance of lead generation from a real estate agent point of view.SEO Waltham Mass - For Real Estate Agency

Type of lead generations may be :

  • Form Fill Outs
  • Email Leads
  • Phone Calls
  • Walk-ins

Whatever the case may be a lead is a lead and online marketing gives you that option to use your website as a marketing tool to reach your locals and turn them into qualified buyers, sellers or tenants.

If you are interested in our SEO service please contact us or email