How to Name your files and directories SEO

Almost of the Search Engines do consider the site’s domain age but also the directory file structure. This added consideration might not be much but every bits help to build up the rankings. Therefore, always name a file or directory appropriately. For example, naming a picture as 123.gif does not tell Search Engine much about the content. This is why it is necessary to consider the directory structure of the site. Best practice tells us that to have all files stay closely to the root directory. Most Search Engines have hard time finding pages deep in the directories and they may downgrade the importance of these pages. Therefore, it is to your website’s best interest to place all the files within one level from the root.

How to Name your files and directories SEO

SEO H1 Tag CSS Trick

A sample of formatting H1 tag with CSS
The following is an example of how coders can use CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to make the fonts appear whatever they like.

In the CSS file:

font-size: 80%; /*adjust this percentage as needed */
font-weigh: bold; /*adjust the boldness accordingly */

The H1 tag should only be used at least once per page. The best way for search engines to index every H1 tag keyword on all of the pages – Tags (H1, H2, H3) are an important part of HTML coding and they tell the search engine spiders that what they are caching is said to beway more important than the other content on the page.

You can learn more about the formatting from the W3school site, CSS tutorials.

Advantages of online marketing

Another advantage is not to underestimate the large number of companies and professionals who contact us from all over the country (100/200 on average receive inquiries per day). We are not always able to satisfy both problems away both issues of competence, the requests we receive from our portals and in this case we use our own partners that we have a channel through more for the acquisition of customers. Then, finally, there are other forms of cooperation that we study specifically in relation to the powers of the web agency. Methods which tend to mutually improve services and initiatives to be developed on the Internet. But you ask: and the cost? Of course there are when the collaboration becomes an exchange of services or a mutual reinforcement. And to deepen? Just send an e-mail to then hear and possibly establish a meeting.

Online Marketing Agency and Online Marketing

Every web agency has tried to adapt to the market offering services between those relating to visibility. Although this is not always the offer is credible to convince or to the end customer. So what is missing?
Sometimes, if not often, the skills. Who takes care of graphics or programming has neither the time nor the expertise to deal with promotion of the website. At best it offers Google Adwords, optimizing summary of a few pages and link popularity. Other times lacking are the facts, the media, the importance partnerships. It is not enough that the agency web site there is a more or less long service for the promotion of the website, it is necessary to make it credible! But how? One way is there and I will explain. Promoting website with online network

It ‘a service that recently, to offer web agency and was born as spontaneously. Indeed in recent years happened to be contacted by web ies that after having created the website for their client had to ensure their promotion. We asked the simple link to be included on our portals to a more articulated support on web marketing strategies or services positioning on the search engines. Sometimes they are formed, from this initial contact and genuine partnership that proved to be mutually beneficial over time. But we see better what’s going on. We see, however, with some examples to understand the specific advantage of this collaboration. To give our partners the opportunity to improve the visibility of your site and those of its customers by posting links on relevant pages of our portals. As everyone knows (at least those who work in this sector) links pages from a target with high Page Rank as our help not only indexing, but improve placement on the search engines as well, of course, to click well profiles. But there’s more. Our role is not limited to create the only link to the website, goes far beyond. The experience gained in years and years of work allow us to provide substantial support for the realization of the pages to fit better the algorithms of search engines and in every case the web marketing strategies. All this translates into services, which if described in a form mental illness among those present at the site of a web agency, constitute an element of high value and attraction for the customer.

The great benifits of online marketing

In recent years it has online marketing has gradually increased the importance of promoting the website with search engine marketing. If in the past, for a web agency, was enough to involve the customer with a good graphics now go beyond his requests. The customer has become more mature and demanding talks visibility in search engines, page rank, email marketing, pay per click. He simply have her beautiful website wants and this makes it contributes to increase its business and turnover.

Online Marketing finds new customers

Online Marketing is a tool used the Internet to find new customers, retain users, acquire promote to corporate name brands and its products & services, distribute and broaden the market. The action easier and more effective with the web marketing is to design and implement an email campaign. With the Internet you can, through the “One to one marketing” to find specific email client contact for the first time, put it in a regular mailing list, design and execute a strategy sending emails, making the address on a towing business development of the site.

Internet enables us to talk with the “mass” and, via email, with the individual at the same time. Web marketing allows you to make a relational marketing, or marketing to the individual, for a very low price, without parallel with the electronic instruments traditionally very expensive. Internet offers to any contractor the chance to promote its activities on a global market at minimum cost. It offers the ability to track a target targeted, confronted with competitors having great opportunities to gain market share.