Click To Call Mobile Link Code – How To Do It

Ever been on a mobile site that lets you click on the phone number and it automatically dials the number for you ?
The idea behind it is very obvious which is to make it easy for the user to call the phone number without the need to copy and paste it or write it down.
So how do you implement the click to call link on your mobile weibsite ? Very easy.
Note: this is just click to call example with Boston area code:

 <a href=”tel:617-000-0000″>617-000-0000</a>  

The above would output this: 617-000-0000

If you are viewing this page with a smartphone you will be able to click on the phone link and make a call.

So its basically the same tag as an anchor link text but instead of using a URL you would replace that with a phone number and add “tel:” in front.

Mobile industry is growing so fast and its crucial to know at least the basics of mobile.