New Sites & Apps for Buyers & Homeowners

We discussed the real estate industry’s gradual shift to electronic status earlier, and it seems this is further proof of this interesting evolution.

A number of new sites and applications have been developed specifically for real estate buyers and homeowners.

Here are a few of the most interesting:

    1. Nextdoor Social Network – A private, free social network that allows locals to connect with one another. Nextdoor allows neighbors to meet one another without having to go door to door or waiting to bump in to one another. Once a Nextdoor member, individuals in a specific neighborhood can complete an individual profile for themselves as well as their family members. Nextdoor takes privacy quite seriously and only adds neighborhoods once 9 neighbors sign up within 21 days. Each member must verify their address with a credit card by phone as well.
    1. – This social marketing platform provides homeowners with a broad variety of services related to your home. You can invite preferred service providers to join the site as well. Members have access to local and nationwide product discounts that can be shared with friends.
  1. – This online system provides an easy way for homeowners to maintain a current catalog of the contents of their homes for insurance purposes. Additionally, provides those interested in remodeling or decorating with a way to easily keep track of budgets and find great deals.

What do you think of these websites? Do you think any or all of them would be useful to you now or after you purchase new real estate?