This is our what we call it do it for me service installation. WordPress can be a pain for some to install and setup who are non-techies since it requires you to create a MySQL database, upload php files through FTP, run installation scripts etc. This is where we come in to do all the tedious work for you and hand it over to you once its complete. WordPress is quite popular blogging system and installing it right from the beginning is crucial as you need to know the security loopholes, search engine indexing technicalities that can make or break your setup. We offer this service to anyone whos in need for a simple blog setup to any business that is looking to implement WordPress as a main website. The setup process is very simple and you can have your WordPress website up in one day. In addition to setup we can also help you with the theme development as well as plugin integration. We strongly recommend this service to anyone who does not have the technical knowledge or is unsure how to set up WordPress.

If you need WordPress installed and set please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.