WordPress offers thousands of plugins and it can be very tempting for some users to go out and install cool plugins to enhance their site. Installation can be easy but also frustrating at times if you do not have enough knowledge not only of WordPress itself but also php framework. Some plugins may not be compatible with your WP version so vice versa so then “hell breaks loose” and your site is down. It happens all the time to people who have just started using WordPress for the first time.

WordPress is open source and there is no support for people using it so you are on your own when it comes to fixing plugin bugs. This is why we came up with this service “WordPress plugin-in installation” to help users who have limited knowledge of php+Wordpress. We can install any plugin out there so rest assured that once its in our hands you will be worry free. We have dealt with WordPress since its early days back in version 1.0 and its become our core expertise since millions of people use it everyday. The installation process is very simple and easy: you let us know what plugin you would like to install and we will do it all for you. Whether you need to fix a broken plugin or re-install existing ones we can help.

If you need assistance with plugins please let us know !