Wordpress support & development is one of our core capabilities and the most requested service. We have a wide range of experience working with WordPress font-end design as well as back-end development.

WordPress is powerful

Easy to use, flexible, scalable, numerous plugins available. WordPress has been around for years now, and is by far one of the most popular CMS used in the world. With WordPress, the possibilities are endless. Given to its popularity the demand for support has also increased so we have come up with a unique set of services to help you.

List of WordPress services


WordPress Setup

Basic or advanced set up, installation of WordPress to your web hosting server with your favorite theme/template. We will handle all of the set-up and installation process including DNS changes. More on setup & installation


Theme Customization

If you like to change the style of your theme but do not have the expertise to do it we can assist you with these touch-us. Changes to your WP theme may include: CSS, HTML, color changes, font changes, banners, images, navigation, links etc. You will be able to review the changes before they go live.


Theme Installation

Installation of WordPress theme to your web server and if you do not have a theme picked we can design it for you. Depending on your requirements we can complete this task within a day. We will install and configure a group of themes that automate the process of generating precisely described pages and allow manual override.


Custom Theme Development

If you are unable to find a WordPress theme you like or don’t want to use a theme thousands of other websites are using. Then you need your own custom WP theme. We can develop a unique and original look from scratch for your blog and install it on the server. More on theme development

Web Hosting

WordPress Hosting

If you do not have the technical knowledge to set up a server or don’t like to deal with hosting companies we can offer you space to one of our servers for a monthly fee. We do the rest and you can have a piece of mind knowing your site is always up to date.


Speed Optimization

WordPress is very memory hungry and it requires quite bit of resources to run effectively. Even wonder why some WP website load very fast? Well it’s because of the back-end programming that has been implemented. These include database, Apache configuration, php acceleration as well as image optimization. We can help you speed up your WordPress website so that it does not take a day to load.


Plug-in Installation

Install and set up of any plug-ins you would like to use on your site. Plugins can be at times a pain to install for some website owners however we do this task everyday so we will make sure every plugin is installed smoothly and error free. Some commonly used plugins are: eCommerce Shops, Event calendars, News system, Polls & Surveys, Intranet/Extranet Integration, Video streaming, All in One SEO Pack, RSS readers, Sitemaps, Surveys, Forms, Real estate listings, Job boards, Slideshows, galleries, Forums. More on plugin installation


Security Enhancements

WordPress security is a MUST to limit the chance of your website being hacked. WordPress security breaches are a very common occurrence. A lot of these risks are because of the use and popularity of WP over time, some unscrupulous hackers know the program so well they know which vulnerabilities to attack.WordPress, like other content management systems is a major target for hackers and spammers. For this reason, regular security patches are needed to the database backups are a must. We ensure that your WP is bullet-proof and all security holes are sealed. If you website is currently hacked please contact us immediately so we can clean it up for you. More on hacking & security fixes

Backups & Upgrades

WordPress Backups & Upgrades

It’s very critical to keep up with the most recent WordPress releases and it’s very important to back up before doing any WordPress upgrades. We handle this process for you.


Migration from WordPress.com to Self-hosted

If you have a WordPress.com blog or website and want to convert it to a self-hosted website we can export your database, content, plug-ins and move it to a new server of your choice. Having a self-hosted WP gives you a lot of extra features and flexibility to do more.


WordPress SEO

The biggest benefit of WordPress is that here are numerous WordPress SEO “plug-ins” and features that allow you to increase your online visibility.

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