Need a quick and easy website?

There are times when you need just need a quick web presence but don’t have the time, budget or need for a fully-featured website. We understand everyones needs are different and thats why we offer single page websites to provide an incredibly inexpensive entry point for your business to get online, and still hold true to your core values.

Great for startups or new businesses

The initial investment for a full website can seem high cost for small and start up businesses. Our one page website gives you a feature-rich custom designed site that makes you look good. A single page on the surface, but search engines can see more.

Our single page websites take advantage of the latest HTML5 markup to help your website contain so much more. Your single page site is broken into multiple sections that break your content into more readable blocks. This helps Google to better index and rank your site for different keyword combinations, all on the one page.

  • Requires less effort for maintenance and publishing

  • Easier to produce quality content

  • Creates a great first Impression

  • Gives a more integrated & dynamic feel to your website

  • Cost Effective