Would You Be Interested in a Website that Manages All of Your Homeownership Needs?

We are undoubtedly living in a very technology-dependent era, allowing everything from health monitors on our wrists to apps on our phones assist us in the routine care and management of our lives. It seems only natural that someone would develop a website that assists us in managing all of the tasks associated with homeownership.

A new California-based startup has developed a site that allows homeowners to manage everything from scheduling maintenance to adding up the value of property within the home for insurance purposes. Users are able to create comprehensive profiles complete with pictures of their homes and individual rooms to assist them with planning for projects or filing insurance claims.

This also assists homeowners with relaying detailed and current information about their homes to Boston real estate agents when the time comes to sell. For example, if a homeowner has had major work done (such as a roof replaced) or purchased new appliances for the kitchen, all of that information will be easily accessible and organized in one place.

Additionally, if someone purchases a home with stored information on this site, the seller can transfer this information to the buyer so that they can maintain and update the existing profile for that property moving forward.

What do you think? Is this the type of website you feel you could personally make good use of?