How to Block a Country from Visiting Your WebsiteIf you have a website that is only used by people in United States but you keep getting hit with tons of spam traffic form unwanted countries, then a simple solution is to block all IPs that come from any country other than US.

Let’s say for example you are a business in Boston and offer services only in Massachusetts. Chances are that you won’t need for anyone in other countries to access your website. Unless you plan on selling or traveling to another country then it would be in your best interest to block visitors from such country from visiting your website. Spam is growing exponentially, with no signs of tapering off.

Here are some interesting spam statistics, which include the top spamming countries.

How to Block a Country from Visiting Your Website

Blocking a country has many benefits:

  • Protect your online revenue stream
  • Protect website from malware & hackers
  • Stop potential phishing
  • Save server bandwidth
  • Protect website from “DoS, DDoS attacks”
  • Prevent unwanted bots from accessing your website
  • Reduce latency
  • Increase website speed
  • Serve paying customers not spammers
  • Protect website reputation and credibility
  • ….And many more
This is when we come in! We offer a turn key solution

We offer a service that lets you block visitors from any country. First we will examine the source of spam and once detected, we will block those countries.

We Handle It All For You

We will look at your website statistics and give you a list of all countries that have accessed your site within the past 6-12 months. Then All we need you to do is simply let us know what countries are irrelevant to your business and we will block them completely. A custom page will be shown to these visitors that says “this website is not available in your country” or any custom message you prefer.