Network Solutions – WordPress Security Update

Network solutions has issues this email about their WordPress security update: 

As you may be aware, there are ongoing attacks against WordPress across the world. Attempts are made frequently by criminals to gain control over your WordPress blog and to then use that for their own illegal purposes. Your best protection is to make sure you maintain your WordPress installation at the latest release version and to ensure that you use a complex password that is not easily guessed. 

Why this update? 

Criminals are inventive and resourceful. Right now they are using the longstandingpingback feature in WordPress to create distributed denial of service attacks (DDOS) against third party websites. There is a high probability that your website might be used for such an attack unless you take specific action to disable pingbacks

What should you do? 

The recommended action is to simply install install this plugin if you use version 3.5 or later. 

More information can be found about this sort of attack on Brian Kreb’s web site

Or by visiting Sucuri Security’s blog posting on the subject: More Than 162,000 WordPress Sites Used for Distributed Denial of Service Attack

I am not an expert, where do I get help? 

If you aren’t technical (and most of us aren’t) then we would suggest you contact the person responsible for building your WordPress blog and ask them for assistance. Alternatively, you could contact NS customer service team who would be glad to assist you.