Pay-Per-Click campaigns are a great way for businesses to start attracting new customers quickly. Businesses already spending ad dollars with Google,Yahoo, Bing, and other companies wishing to launch Pay-per-Click will understand the effectiveness and expense of keyword advertising. However, these ad programs are difficult to manage effectively, and require full-time attention to maximize their benefits.

PPC Management Services:

PPC advertising involves bidding intelligently against your competitors on carefully identified keywords that have proven to generate clicks from your target market. The success of your ad in directing traffic and converting it into sales depends on thorough keyword research, compelling ad copy, relevant landing pages, comprehensive real-time tracking capabilities, and most importantly continual adjustment and fine-tuning.Landing Page

We are veteran PPC campaign specialists who will work with you and your marketing team to optimize your ROI and identify the best means by which to reach your desired audience. This service includes all elements of PPC – from keyword research and the best choice of landing pages and ad copy to the utilization of the best vendors and media and distribution networks available.

In an age of PPC (Pay-Per-Click) based online advertising, TripleROI understands advertisers now have the ability to accurately predict the success of ad campaigns and invest accordingly, but automated software is never sufficient. TripleROI advertising executives are experienced online advertising professionals and webmasters with the technical ability to manage all facets of a web-centric company.

Campaign Strategy:

TripleROI will perform a complete PPC campaign review after which we will optimize every conceivable element, often building an entirely new campaign structure.

  • Top Performing Words: A handful of competitive keywords usually incur the lion’s share of expenses at extremely high bid prices.
  • Keyword Research: Similar to a pure SEO strategy, a good PPC process starts with keyword research. A comprehensive strategy will be laid out to increase your keyword inventory by up to 8-10 times. Non-exploited yet relevant keywords will be found with high search volumes and low bid prices.
  • Ad Copy Audit: All existing textual ad copy will be audited and improved upon. Quality Ad copy is essential and CTRs, CPCs, bid gaps, and competitor activities must all factor into the decision process.
  • Targeted Landing Pages: Selecting appropriate landing pages at the category and product level is a crucial element of PPC. Existing and newly created advertising efforts will be aimed at the individual pages most likely to result in a conversion.

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