Email Newsletter Marketing Tips

Sending out newsletter and keeping your customers updated with new products is a great way to reach out by staying on their radar. However, some business overdo it by getting a little to excited and sending out a blast of emails few times a week. This is great but what this does it make you look spamish and decreases your product value. Think about this: if you send email newsletters three times a week with new hot deals or specials then people will automatically think that you are overselling them stuff they dont need. Its just a human instinct and there is no way around it. People want to value you as a merchant and you may very well offer great deals but its a delivery that may ruin it. Keep in mind that many companies do this repeatedly and people are so fed up with this type of marketing that it will just make it that easy for them to send your newsletter into the spam box. S

So whats the best frequency to send out email campaigns ?

It really depends on your industry, your target market but also on how big your company is in terms of customer base. For example if you only have 100 subscribers its tough to keep beating the dead horse. In my opinion the best thing to do is send out an email campaign no more than 4 times per month. Make it interesting with tips and issues. Its no different that a newspaper, if there is a great article people will pick up and read but if its jus the same old they will skip it.

Bottom line 
Keep short and sweet. Put yourself in their shoes and send out only stuff that you would also like to read. Again, do not over do it.

Email Marketing – Send Out Email To Your Customers

Many small business owners always get mass email from other companies or vendors about their products and services but they always wonder if they can use a similar strategy for their business. Many of them are not sure how that works so they do a search on google,yahoo etc and many email marketing companies show up who charge a monthly fee for using their email marketing technology. These fees can be pretty steep for a small business and usually they tend to limit to how many customers you can send out the mass emails. So you may ask are there any email marketing services with no monthly fees ? The answer is yes. I develop custom email marketing software that you can use directly on your website and not pay a monthly fee. I only charge labor for developing the application and after that is yours to keep. No contracts, no limits you can enjoy your freedom of use. I will even create some templates tailored for your business image. This email marketing or mailing list software can be used for any business for example restaurants can use it for keep their customers updated with new events, dishes, menus; a hair salon can send out new offers to their customers; a boutique can send monthly sales flyers through emails; a real estate agent can send out new listings, a lawyer can send out news etc. The list goes on and on. Email marketing can be a great strategy for reaching out to your customers and turn them into sales but there is no need to pay high monthly fees for this service.

Email Marketing - Send Out Email To Your Customers

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