Working For You and Your Customer

As a designer you must balance the needs of your employer with the needs of the intended users of the design. These are often the employer’s customers. If the design doesn’t meet the needs or desires of the end user, rather than just the commissioner of the work, then sales will be compromised.

In addition designers must reconcile their own standards of aesthetics, quality and ethics with the requirements of the intended commercial purpose of their work. Both designer and client should also consider community values and constraints.

Modern Shabby Chic Spa Website Design

Website design for Spa or salon sample. We decided to create this sample website design for a local spa business. It portrays elegance and tranquility which is exactly what people what to see when they land on your site. If like to have a similar website designed for your business feel free to send me an email at

Modern Shabby Chic Spa Website Design

Simple But Yet Effective Website

What makes the great difference when someone finds your website and what converts visitors into sales ?
Some say thats the million dollar question but I say its really up to you to make it happen. Most websites these days are getting too heavy with unnecessary distractions and look crowded which dismisses the ultimate goal which is to make the sale. Most people look at website designers as advisors especially when it comes to making recommendations in web usability and its crucial for a web designer to offer strategic advice that will help the business owner profit from the website in many ways. Most of the time I get new clients asking me: “we have done all we could but we are not getting the results we want” even after conducting SEO and PPC. So whats the problem here? Well my first reaction is: where do they land after they click on your website? and then I see a great looking website but missing the main sale aspect. Interactivity, calls to action which are the most crucial parts of making the website sell. It dosnt matter how beautiful your graphics are, if you are not capturing the leads by engaging the user to do something …that person is long gone within seconds. Believe it or not this happens all the time as most designer tend to forget who they are designing the website for but sometimes its also the small business owners who like to add unnecessary features that drive people away. You have to think in terms of end user experience, how easy is it for them to find the info and how can you make it even easier for them. My main recommendation is to keep it simple and only add features that you really need, make sure you have call to action somewhere above the fold.

If you have any questions or like to design a website that sells fee free to contact me at

Boston Area Web Design – Experienced Designer

Serving the Boston Area for Web Design Services
Website design is a strategic tool used to gain market advantage by companies operating at a non-stop level 24/7. The products, the branding, the promotion and the business grounds are all designed to maximize customer acceptance of the goods and services they have to offer and to optimize the day to day operation of the business.

The benefits of website design are also available to national and small local businesses. The process can always be tailored to the resources available. Professional web designers provide a balance of technical and subjective skills that match the business needs of many industry areas. Whether you manufacture furniture, provide real estate, law firm, accountant, car dealer or sell wine there is a website design professional who can help you improve your website business.

If you have any questions I would be happy to help you so feel free to email me at

Boston Website Design

Boston Website Designers bring human and artistic values to your online business problems, values that sell products and services, create demand and inspire customer confidence and loyalty.

Boston Website design is a planning process. It produces the best solution based on the stated business objectives and the information and resources available. It uses a methodical procedure to ensure that solutions are well thought out and all the known criteria for success are considered.
Just as a business plan is the first step to business success. A Boston Web design brief is the first step to project success. A design brief spells out the criteria that a project must meet. Boston Website designer does not leave business success to chance. I am a freelance web designer Bostonian helping small and large business develop websites and online applications.

Feel free to contact me with any questions at

Setting Up Small Business Website Boston

First before setting up your small business website there are a few basics you need to know prior to launching your website.

First secure a domain name from any website that you feel comfortable with and don’t hesitate because it might be too late if you decide to go back and buy it the day after or week after. This goes especial for business around Boston area since every is after the Boston domain related keywords. There is a reason behind that but I wont get to details on this post. So go ahead an buy that Boston domain name.

Second, buy a small business hosting account either from a local Boston hosting company or national such as Goddady, Network Solutions, Bluehost etc. These days hosting companies offer great packages for small business owners to accommodate their budget.

Third, build the small business website but don’s use free templates as they tend to destroy the look and feel of your website since it was not designed specifically for your target audience. Make sure you look for a Boston website designer around the town or city you live in, most of them will be happy to assist a local business.

Contract Web Developer Boston – For Hire – Hourly – By Project

Also I can be hired as a contract web developer Boston. I offer the right combination of skills and experience in designing, building and maintaining websites. I will work together with our server engineers and design, implement the web front-end, and create visualization of analytics and diagnostics of web-based services. I am a self-starter, a strong team contributor, a fast learner and most importantly, creative. As Boston contract web developer I can offer are shown below but are not limited to:

  • Deep knowledge of java and/or a major server-side scripting language, such as PHP
  • Experience with CMS tools, Drupal and more
  • HTML/CSS, Javascript
  • Graphics and design software, such as Photoshop
  • Web server administration and the administration and maintenance of MySQL databases
  • Knowledge of Cookies, HTTP protocol issues

As a contract web developer Boston I can aslo perform internal and public-facing recurring web updates, standardize layout from disparate inputs and post both internal and external communication. Assist in the collection and reporting of website analytics, the preparation of pre-production materials for the development of new websites, and the analysis and reporting of internal and competitor’s websites.

Contact me at

Freelance Web Designer Boston Mass

As a Boston freelance web designer I work with you in ways big web design firms plainly cant. Why ? Well first of all you deal directly with me as a Boston web designer to get exactly what you are looking for in your website design. Some Boston web design firms offer modest, if any, interaction directly with the web designer that works on your web project.

Second, there is no middleman/intermediary party involved, therefore why I can offer extremely affordable rates with no compromise on the quality of service that you will receive. Being a Boston freelance web designer every client is important, no matter how big or small the website project is, this is an important difference that sets me apart from a Boston web design firm. My duties as a Boston freelance web designer are work to make sure that you are happy with the final product of the project and will give you all the support and guidance that you need.

As a Boston freelance web designer I always want to satisfy clients requests in a timely manner with my exceptional work. My business has been built on loyal clients and great quality work.

  • Ability to manage and estimate time outlays for each project
  • Ability to work with marketing, product development and engineering to implement intuitive designs.
  • Excellent communication and organization skills and able to work both on a team and independently.
  • Ability to handle and prioritize multiple projects simultaneously
  • Self directed with excellent time management skills

If this sound like something you or your company is looking for in Boston freelance web designer please email me at

Drupal Web Development CMS integration in Boston – Freelancer

Recently we have had a lot of requests for Drupal CMS web development Boston and decided to show some of the benefits of Drupal CMS

  • Open source, with no license fees.
  • Multi site support. Drupal CMS is designed to allow numerous websites to be overflow the one Drupal CMS installation.
  • superior user access organize settings.
  • Drupal community has contributed many modules which provide functionality that extend Drupal core.
  • Drupal CMS was designed for community-based Web sites and has sturdy user role and access control functionality.
  • Account control. You can configure Drupal CMS development to save a new version of your pages every time they are editing.
  • What that means is that you can go back to view or revert previous revisions if you want.
  • Advanced URL Control – Drupal CMS gives you precise control over URL structure( Great for SEO purposes). Drupal uses Apache’s mod_rewrite to enable customizable URLs that are both user and search engine friendly.
  • Also not to forget the exceptional Documentation.

So if you are looking to create a website or residing an existing Drupal website I can defiantly help you with any Drupal(CMS) development needs around Boston area.