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58% of Americans Own Smartphones

According to Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project says that majority of Americans now own a smartphone of some sort. This data is critical if you are a business and thinking about converting your website to mobile friendly technology. 55% of cell phone owners say that their phone is a smartphone.  58% of […]

6 WordPress Mobile Options

WordPress for iOS WordPress for iOS is the app that lets you write posts, upload photos, edit pages, and manage comments on your blog from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. With support for both WordPress.com and self-hosted WordPress (2.92 or higher), users of all experience levels can get going in seconds. Learn more | […]

Using WordPress as Your Business Website

Should your business website use WordPress? Every so often we get asked whether to use WordPress framework as the primary content management system versus going with a different platform. WordPress is very powerful and there are many great plugins out there to make your website very dynamic. However, with being so popular(open source) there are […]

Turn Your WordPress Website Mobile

Yes its time to take mobile industry seriously as its growing at a fast pace. If you have a Wordpress blog or website and you user it for your business its probably a good time to make sure its mobile friendly. More people are searching with their smartphones for products and services before they make a […]

WordPress Ecommerce Tip #2

Change wording in your shopping cart.Most all of the “text” on the site that involves the shopping cart can be found in the language file here:“wp-content/plugins/wp-shopping-cart/languages/EN_en.php”. In that file you will find everything from “Visit the Shop” to “PnP” (which most like to change to “Shipping”) to the sentence that reads on the checkout page […]

WordPress Ecommerce Tip #1

Change the “add to cart” button that appears on your shopping cart.Well, first you’ll want to make sure that you choose “ecommerce” for your theme in “Shop Settings”. That will place an actual button on your cart.Then to change that image, you will navigate to “wp-content/plugins/wp-shopping-cart/themes/ecommerce/images”. In that directory you will see a “add_to_cart.gif” and […]