Manage your website content on the fly

What is a content management system anyway? Ever wonder how non-technical people publish web pages so easily without knowing any coding? The answer is very simple. They use a backend dashboard called content management also know as CMS. All text inside the pages is stored into a database and you basically control only the “text” without ever touching the code. Its like writing a word document but its web based. Its mostly designed for anyone who does not want to deal with the technical aspects and just wants to manage the content or images.

Why Use Content Management System?

Because its a seamless dynamic web application that enables anyone to effectively create, manage, and publish information on their website immediately. As simple as that. A “CMS” allows you to create and update the content of your website. It provides you with complete control over the website.

We offer a complete CMS solution with the following features:


Professionally designed website layouts, clean-cut templates and search engine friendly code.

Access from anywhere

Update, access from anywhere in the world using a standard web browser.

User Management

Create multiple user accounts so that your employee or stuff can makes changes.

Admin Page Search

Find all pages quickly using the integrated search function.

Unlimited Pages

Create as many pages as you need, it’s virtually unlimited.


Edit pages using an easy “What You See Is What You Get” editor, similar to Microsoft Word.


Edit tables, use CSS styles, and use many other advanced HTML features easily through our advanced WYSIWYG editor.

Upload files

Upload images, PDF quickly and easily with file browser based interface.

Defer Release Date

Hidden page option lets you hide content that you don’t want to publish – then set as live to instantly make it public. Change publishing date.


Easily sort order for pages and blog articles.

Navigate With Ease

Navigation button can be used as an external page link.

Keyword Rich URL’s

Along with static URL’s, CMS, allows administrator to specify keywords in the URL, increasing your page relevance to the keywords in the article title.

Keyword Rich Titles

You can use specific keywords in title for each and every page of your website content, your keyword density improves dramatically.

Meta Keywords & Descriptions

CMS gives you the ability to painlessly add meta descriptions and keywords each and every page of your website.

Static URL’s

CMS uses clean and static URL’s

Search engine friendly links

CMS generates 100% search engine friendly links, meaning that your site gets indexed automatically by search engines.

Google location map

integrated Google map makes it easy for your customers/visit to find your location

News /Blogging system

Add as many articles as you need and keep visitors updated by posting news.